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Online Webinar, Product School – Why PM & UX Design are Key to Success (Watch the VIDEO)

Hamburg, Germany, Mind the Product Engage – Workshop, Product Discovery Essentials (Watch the VIDEO)

Berlin, Germany, Lean Prototyping Meetup – Workshop, Product Discovery Essentials (Watch the VIDEO)

Copenhagen, Denmark, UX Copenhagen 2017, How to apply Product Thinking to UX Design (Watch the VIDEO)


Zurich, Switzerland, Product Management Festival 2016 (Watch the VIDEO)

Berlin, Germany, ProductCamp, The Unstuck Map: How to keep product innovation under control while going fast

Walldorf, Germany, SAP HQ, The challenges of modern product development, product discovery and UX design

Hamburg, Germany, CocoaHeads Meetup at Smaato Inc., How to build successful products

San Francisco, California, EnterpriseUX Meetup at LinkedIn, Design better Research

San Francisco, California, UXEye Meetup at EchoUser, How to apply Product Thinking to UX Design

Santa Clara, California, UXPA Meetup at Tata Consultancy, How to apply Product Thinking to UX Design

About Nikkel

Nikkel Blaase is a product designer from Hamburg, Germany, who works at XING. He writes and speaks a lot about designing products, specifically how to think in products, about UX strategy and how to start a digital business. Nikkel is passionate about bringing »product thinking« to the world of product development to see more successful products tailored to people’s needs. Nikkel is also the founder of the Design Made For You studio. You can see some of his articles on Medium, and on FastCoDesign.

Nikkel Blaase, @JAF_Designer, Product Designer at XING, Founder of Design Made For You | Studio

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Nikkel Blaase – Product Designer