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UX Copenhagen Slides

How to apply Product Thinking to UX design (PDF, 35,3 MB)

Product Discovery Essentials Workshop

Squash Point Strategy (PNG, 1,2 MB)
Exercise Mandat (PDF, 174 KB)
Exercise Value Partner (PDF, 488 KB)
Exercise Needs (PDF, 138 KB)
Exercise Solution (PDF, 133 KB)

Preview: Entry Point Canvas PNG
Entry Point Canvas (PNG, 1.9 MB)

Preview: Discovery Sprint PDF
Discovery Sprints (PDF, 64 KB)

Preview: Customer Forces Sketch-File
Customer Forces (Sketch File, 573 KB)

Preview: Job to be Done Sketch-File
Job-to-be-Done (Sketch File, 2 MB)

Preview: Product Discovery Stages Sketch-File
Product Discovery Stages (Sketch File, 1.4 MB)

Preview: The Product Canvas Sketch-File
The Product Canvas (Sketch File, 819 KB)

Preview: Product Thinking Sketch-File
Product Thinking (Sketch File, 1.6 MB)

Preview: What is your product Sketch-File
Product Statement (Sketch File, 926 KB)