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Successful companies shouldn’t struggle with innovation.

Innovation succeeds, if done the right way.

Innovation is broken – How we fixed it.

Failure is part of our process: we fail as early and as cheap as possible. The amount of work not done has to be maximized.

Doing beats talking. We continuously inspect the current situation, learn from feedback and then immediatly adapt and take action. We rather change direction than to search too long for the one solution.

Discovery means to find new products in a sea of possibilities. We are creating the future instead of trying to predict it.

We never get lost.

We only invest what we are willing to lose. Innovation is unpredictable: it makes no sense to set a fixed goal upfront or to analyze non-existing markets. That’s why we do not dig into plans or forecasts. Our tools are designed for navigation under uncertainty: The Spatial Excursion Model, the Product Thinking mindset, Discovery Sprints, or the Unstuck Map.

The secret lies in getting started.

Start. We don’t need a thought-trough concept to act. We are getting started, instead of not to be getting anywhere. We just need an impulse. Do you got

A grievance, a dissatisfaction?
Knowledge from former projects?
A sudden change?
A good idea?
A crisis?
A belief or appeal?
The wish to change the world to the better?

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Unstuck Map

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